About Balmoral Advisors

Balmoral Advisors is a specialty advisory firm that brings a powerful combination of deep experience, strong industry expertise, and broad market reach to bear on every assignment.  Our professionals have decades of combined transaction experience, including many years at larger and “Bulge Bracket” investment banks. Collectively, our team has advised on more than $30 billion of transactions over the course of their careers.  However, our focus remains on mid-sized transactions.

Our practice is global but the culture of our firm very much reflects our Midwestern U.S. values, work ethic, and focus on long-term relationships. Our clients value our advice and appreciate our results, as demonstrated by the fact that since 2015, 40% of our completed transactions were with repeat clients.

Our Process

There is no standard “Balmoral Process” because unlike many other firms, we do not begin with a preferred approach that we apply to every situation.  We focus first and foremost on understanding our client’s needs and objectives and tailoring an approach designed to maximize results.  Those client needs may include sensitivities such as confidentiality, timing considerations, owner/management succession, competitive dynamics, and a range of other possibilities.

The result might mean on the one hand running a broad, public (or court supervised) auction process focused on a wide variety of potential buyers. It could also mean facilitating very discreet, highly confidential discussions with a targeted group of potential buyers or investors (or one). We have no organizational bias toward one process or another and have significant experience with both of those extremes. Our processes often fall somewhere in between.

The Balmoral Team:

Chris Cerimele
Founder, Managing Director
Stan Koss
Managing Director
Stephen Wrobel
Managing Director
Nathan Jacobs
Vice President
Paul Ridgeway
Vice President

Senior Advisors + Operating Partners

Neil Burns
Advisory Director
Gary Denning
Senior Advisor
Torsten Freymark
Senior Advisor
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