Custom-Tailored Approach

Every M&A transaction presents its own unique opportunities and challenges.  Success often requires many factors, some of which include knowledge and experience, skill, thoughtfulness, creativity, market reach, and timing.  Moreover, “success” can mean one or more things depending on the needs of our client.   For example, success could mean maximizing sale price (or minimizing purchase price), achieving certainty of closing, meeting an accelerated timeline, ensuring continuity of a business and employees, or many other factors.  When working with clients we discuss their needs and pursue one simple goal:  achieving a successful outcome while maximizing results.

Buy-Side Advisory

Our approach to buy-side advisory is tailored to fit the needs and objectives of our clients.  Whether helping identify targets, open doors, navigate through an auction process or negotiate and close on a transaction structure that works well for a situation, we bring the experience and resources to help our clients succeed.

Our Buy-Side M&A capabilities cover a wide range of transaction profiles with our assignments typically involving one or more of the following:

  • Negotiated Acquisition, where a target has been identified and discussions may have already begun
  • Auction Participation, where we leverage our sellside experience to assist in evaluating a business that is being sold through auction
  • Retained Search, where we assist clients in developing and approaching a list of potential candidates for either acquisition or some other form of strategic alliance or joint venture
  • Mergers, Consolidations, and Joint Ventures, in which we advise in situations that do not involve a strict buy/sell transaction
  • Distressed and Cross Border Transactions

Sell-Side Advisory

We have particular expertise in sell-side advisory.  When advising clients we begin by understanding our client’s needs and objectives and tailoring an approach designed to maximize results.  Those client needs may includes sensitivities such as confidentiality, timing considerations, owner/management succession, competitive dynamics, and a range of other possibilities.  The result might mean on the one hand running a broad, public (or court supervised) auction process focused on a wide variety of potential buyers.  Or it could mean facilitating very discreet, highly confidential discussions with a targeted group (or one) of potential buyers or investors.  We have no organizational bias toward one process or another and have significant experience with both of those extremes.  Our processes often fall somewhere in between.

Our Sell-Side M&A capabilities cover a wide range of transaction profiles with our assignments typically involving one or more of the following:

  • Sale of Entire Company (As a Whole or in Parts)
  • Divestitures and Corporate Carve-Outs
  • Bankruptcy Court-Supervised Asset Sales (§363, etc.)
  • Distressed and Cross-Border Transactions
  • Exploration of Other Strategic Alternatives
  • Flexibility in Process, from Bi-Lateral Negotiations to Broad Public Auctions

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