Navigating successful

Designing the best approach and process for a transaction requires both “art and science.”  Many decisions involve tradeoffs that can make a difference in the outcome, and having the flexibility to pivot can be a huge advantage.  That’s where Balmoral’s experience and expertise makes a difference.

There is no “one size fits all” approach with Balmoral.  Senior advisors work closely with clients to understand their unique needs, then tailor a process that balances key priorities such as value, timing, deal structure, confidentiality, competitive dynamics, legacy and succession, and other considerations.

The result might mean on the one hand running a broad, public auction process focused on a wide variety of potential buyers. It could also mean facilitating very discreet, highly confidential discussions with a targeted group of potential buyers or investors. We have no organizational bias toward one process or another and have significant experience with a full range of different approaches with both of those extremes.


Balancing priorities
Balancing priorities --- Client priorities

Client priorities

  • Price
  • Timing
  • Certainty of closing
Balancing priorities --- Timing considerations

Timing considerations

  • Approach
  • Strategy
  • Key deadlines
Balancing priorities --- Additional key factors

Additional key factors

  • Confidentiality
  • Competitive dynamics
  • Legacy and succession
  • Other factors

Three principles of partnership

At Balmoral Advisors, we have established a set of guiding principles that we bring to every client relationship and transaction. 

1. Trust

You can always trust that we are going to give you our best expert advice and always putting your interests first.

2. Insight

We bring deep industry knowledge and transaction expertise to help you achieve a superior outcome.

3. Perseverance

We have the tenacity and creativity to navigate every roadblock and overcome any obstacle to see your deal through to a successful conclusion.